So You May Be Asking...

Why Are Kettlebells So Great!?

  • Burn Up To 20 Calories per Minute – Same as Sprinting at 10mph
  • Most Efficient Form Of Exercise – Less Time & More Results
  • Increase Strength and Improve Cardio – At The Same Time
  • Learn, Develop, and Master a Skill – No More Wondering if You’re Doing it Right
  • Literally….. All You Need to Get in the Best Shape EVVVEERR

3 Tiers of KTL

Our Roadmap To Badassery

Our goal is simple.

Help you discover the badassery that secretly awaits inside of you!

The way that we accomplish this is by using our 3 Tier Progressive Training System. This ensures every workout will be tailored to your skill and performance levels - maximizing your results and minimizing your chance of injury.

Master one level, advance to the next. So you're always being challenged.

Because how can we make the butt imprint on your couch disappear if you're sitting on it because of an injury!?

White Bell


This level is for someone who is still learning the basics of kettlebell training. Whether it is because you are completely unfamiliar with kettlebells or because you are new to working out in general - you'll be able to get a fantastic workout while learning all the techniques and skills needed to get to the fun sh*t!

Black Bell


This is where the fun sh*t starts! Once you've learned the fundamentals you will be exposed to workouts that become more challenging because they will test your strength, cardio, and overall movement skills with more complex exercises and circuits. This is where we get to see what you're really made of!

Gold Bell


You now have the body awareness and control of Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja! You have the strength and endurance of Superman (or Superwoman!) You've got the cardio of an Iditarod Sled Dog. I mean by probably even have the charisma of The Rock and Marilyn Monroe combined!'ve become a badass.

Seriously... It's Time To Get Off Your Couch

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